eGo USB Charger

eGo USB Charger


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A short USB charging cable for use with all eGo style batteries.


  1. Plug directly into a USB outlet or use with a wall plug (under 1 amp) to plug into a wall outlet.  
  2. Screw the battery at the 510 connection into the charger. 
  3. The charger light will turn from green to red if a charge is needed. It will stay red whilst charging and turn green when fully charged.

Ensure that the battery and charger contacts are clean before using.  Dirty contacts may result in a failure to charge or a short that could damage your equipment.

Charging time varies depending on the capacity of the battery.

The USB charger can ONLY be used with eGo Batteries or EVOD Batteries (includes all eGo style and EVOD style batteries).

Using any other type of battery or an incorrect A/C adapter with this charger will cause damage to your equipment and is a fire Hazard.

Charger output is DC 4.2V 420mah