"Why we moved, rebranded and why we became a CBD & Vape Store".

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A fresh new look and a rebrand - "Kahuna"

"Why we moved, rebranded and why we became a CBD & Vape Store".


Why we moved


We were approaching the end of our sixth year in E-Cigilicious, 2-4 Royal Arcade and had presumed that we would be able to continue on a new lease. Unfortunately, the landlords wanted the unit back to make way for new development works to the entrance of Royal Arcade.

The next best option for us, to maintain continuity for our customers, was to accept their offer of 8 Royal Arcade.


Why we became a CBD and Vape Store


It’s fair to say that in the last 2 years the vaping scene has encountered a lot of changes and consequent challenges and the industry has become somewhat volatile. New shops have opened up and a lot have closed just as quickly.

It made perfect sense for us to extend our offering with other products to further secure our position thus enabling us to continue to provide the level of service that our customers have come to expect.

We at E-Cigilicious are very proud and honoured to be entering our 7thyear supported by such a loyal customer base.

As many of you will already be aware we have been stocking CBD Vape liquid for some time now but there are so many opportunities that this great product has to offer and it is not specifically for the vaping world. To us, it seemed a natural progression to open this up to everyone.

There has been a lot of recent media hype around CBD and the potential benefits it has to offer and it comes in many forms. From Bath Bombs and Cosmectics through to consumables such as Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, gummy sweets, sports recovery drinks and of course Vape Liquid to name but a few.

We are very enthusiastic advocates of CBD and will be posting a series of really interesting blogs on our website over the coming weeks and months.


Why we rebranded


Although we remain very proud of our brand we had started to contemplate a fresh look.

E-Cigilicious by name is very specific to e-cigarettes and vaping and although we will never loose sight of our roots and core business, we felt, at this juncture, it was an appropriate time to introduce our new brand – “Kahuna”

The layout of the new shop lends itself very well to maintaining a prominent brand presence for E-Cigilicious whilst making it welcoming for anyone to come and learn more about CBD and the different forms it comes in.

The next development stage for the new store will be to incorporate a small informal lounge/tea room area where people can come and learn more and speak with like minded people on the potential that CBD may offer whilst enjoying a cup of CBD infused Tea or Coffee.



Established in 2013, E-Cigilicious/Kahuna endeavours to offer what we confidently think is the best sales advice and after-sales care around, supported by the highest quality of personal vaping solutions at competitive prices.

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