Vaping vs. Cigarettes: Which is more eco-friendly?

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For decades, environmentalists have been showing people the bad effects of smoking cigarettes to our health and environment. They've been asking cigarette companies to cut out the synthetic chemicals in their products and started regulating the smoking bans.
Cigarette butts that are disposed of by smokers on the pavements, roads and car parks are pushed into drains when it rains and eventually release toxic chemicals into the ocean that affects the bio-life. 
Although nicotine is addictive, many people have successfully kicked the habit of smoking tobacco and are now more conscious of their health and lifestyle because of health campaigns that educate people about the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. As an option, they are switching to electronic cigarettes which according to environmentalists are more eco-friendly than regular tobacco. They are made as an alternative which lessens air and land pollution, reduces cases of accidental fires and eliminates rubbish caused by cigarette butts that can take 10 years to decompose. Although electronic cigarettes are controversial, they are proven to help reduce the toxic burden on the environment. This electronic cigarette is battery-operated and allows vapers to reuse it and it only needs a tiny amount of e-juice for an enjoyable experience. However, you need to be cautious when buying e-cigarettes. Since it's a fast-moving industry, there are fake products that are very dangerous to use. There are cases when the battery has exploded because people have been using low-quality e-cigarettes. Moreover, it's best to buy through a respected vape supplier to ensure the quality and service of the device. 
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