Understanding The Different Types Of Vape Mods

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Previously, vape enthusiasts experimented with existing devices to find how far they could push their vaping experience. Hence the phrase “MOD” – Modified Personal vaping device. With the continuous advancement in technology, vape mods are now more sophisticated than ever and are sought after for their firepower and advanced customisable features – Temperature Control, Bluetooth, adjustable power settings etc.
Mods can be separated into two categories which are “regulated” and “unregulated”. Additionally, there are different types of vape mods available for each different type of vape user. Read on to learn the difference between each one and to help you find the perfect device for your taste and situation. Also refer to Blog “E-Cigarette Tanks/Styles Of Vaping” to identify what experience delivery you are looking to achieve.
Pen Style E-Cigs
As the name suggests, a pen style vape is shaped to resemble a pen and is the most common type of starter vape. It is simple in construction, consisting only of a battery with a firing button, an atomizer and a mouthpiece. Because it only needs a single battery, a pen style vape is typically lower in wattage but is easy to carry and handle.
Mechanical Mods
A mechanical mod is an unregulated device that is built into the housing, with the battery and the atomizer. Whilst it can come in a variety of shapes and housings, it's important to keep in mind that its coils have to be installed correctly and there are many precautions to be considered prior to use. If you are looking to go this route, be sure to get clued up on battery safety and Ohms Law. When you hear stories of people having e-cigs explode it is more often than not with an unregulated mech mod and the user not respecting Ohms Law and battery safety. 
We will cover this in more detail on future Blogs.
Box Mods
Compared with other kinds of vape mods, box mods are a bit bulkier and typically larger in shape. One advantage of this type of mod is that they are usually regulated which means that it has internal circuit boards and safety features to ensure that the device won’t misfire or won’t fire at all due to safety protection features. Typically, they will have a digital read screen displaying the different features.
Pod Systems
Pod systems are the new generation of pen style vapes that utilise pre-filled or refillable pods which can simply be popped into the device. With this kind of mod, you no longer have to carry around large bottles of juice to refill your device and they are an excellent device to use with Nicotine salts. Also refer to Nicotine Salts Blog.

Keep in mind that finding the right kind of vape device greatly depends on how long you’ve been vaping and what kind of experience you want. Established in 2013, E-Cigilicious endeavours to offer what we confidently think is the best sales advice and after-sales care around, supported by the highest quality of personal vaping solutions at competitive prices. Check out our collection of vape mods here and start shopping today.

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