Things to Consider When Choosing the Right E-Liquid

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Before choosing the e-liquid for your e-cigarette, consider the many elements involved before selecting the one that suits you. We have compiled a guide to advise you what you may need to consider before purchasing your e-liquid.


1. Flavour

There are many flavours to choose from. If you're a new user, you can first try tobacco blends as manufacturers produce these products to mimic the taste of popular tobacco brands. You can gradually experiment with other flavours and get used to mixing blends to develop new and creative flavours.


2. Nicotine Strength

Nicotine levels can be divided into three categories. 6mg and below – suitable for light smokers 9mg to 16mg – suitable for average smokers. 18mg to 20mg – suitable for heavy smokers. Choosing the right strength is important. If there is insufficient nicotine in your e-liquid, you may try to over inhale to obtain the nicotine strength that your body craves. On the other hand, too much nicotine can give you headaches and light-headedness.


3. PG and VG

An e-liquid has two main base solutions: Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerol (VG). PG provides more flavour but produces weak vapour while VG mutes the flavour but creates more vapour. VG also has a higher viscosity (Quite thick) than PG Because people have their own preference, manufacturers started producing an e-liquid that is either all-PG base, all VG-base or a mixture of the two in varying percentages. The most common is the 40:60 PG to VG ratio. However, you may adjust this percentage depending on your personal preference.


4. Type of Device

The type of device that you choose to invest in can also help to determine which PG/VG Ratio to use. For example most Starter Kits with smaller coil systems are more compatible with a higher PG solution (upto 50:50ratio). This is because the smaller coils tend to have smaller liquid inlet holes so the thinner liquid will wick more efficiently through the coil. If you were to put a high VG liquid through a smaller coil system then it will struggle to wick through the cotton fast enough to feed the coil. If the coil is not wicked efficiently then you would experience what is called a “dry burn”. This is when the cotton starts burning as a result of lack of liquid being fed to the coil. Also, people using Starter Kits are generally looking for more “Throat hit” from there e-cig to asymulate the smoking experience and a higher PG containg liquid will do this. Alternatively, if you go for an intermediate style (more advanced) kit with a larger coil system or Sub Ohm device then these will generally have larger liquid inlet holes on the coil. These type of devices will heat the coil up very quickly and produce lots of vapour. When people use these devices then they will tend to drop their nicotine level and choose a higher VG containing liquid. The VG is slightly sweeter and offers a smoother vape which is what Sub Ohmers/Cloud Chasers generally prefer. 50:50 and upwards can be used with a 70:30 VG/PG being an optimum balance of flavor production and vapour production and a popular choice. E-Cigilicious are proud to offer a range of quality products suitable for everyone. We know it’s important to get it right, which is why we work hard to provide everyone with all the necessary facts and information. We even produce electronic cigarette tutorials. Visit our website for more information on the products we sell and the support we offer.

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