Priming Your E-Cigarette Atomizer

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When vaping daily there are things to look out for that let us know when we need to replace the atomizer coil. These include burnt taste, less flavour, vapor production and spit back. If these happen more frequently than normal, it could be an indication that your atomizer head hasn’t been primed properly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to priming your atomizer coil.
1. Clean Your Tank
The first thing you have to do is disassemble the tank and remove the worn-down atomizer coil. Afterwards, wash your tank with water and dry components with a paper towel.
2. Connect The New Atomizer Coil
Once dry, screw your replacement coil into place. This ensures that you don’t get e-juice on your hands once you start priming.
3. Priming Your Coil
When it comes to priming the coil it is best to put a few drops of e-liquid down the centre of the coil applying it directly to the cotton that sits around or through the coil. After doing so leave the coil to soak for 30 seconds, once you can see on the outside of the coil that the cotton wick has turned moist it is ready to use.
4. Take A Few Primer Pulls
Once the cotton is saturated you are ready to reassemble the tank and re-attach the battery. After doing this suck air through the atomizer without firing the device. When doing this you are helping the tank naturally prime the coil to ensure it is ready to use.
5. Break In The Wire
Lastly to break in the wire, set the device to the lower end of the scale of the recommended wattage range (most coil manufacturers print the recommended wattage range on the side of the coil or on the packaging) and then use as normal for half an hour. After doing so, gradually increase the wattage to your personal preference. Although we would always advise staying within the manufacturers recommended wattage range.
Remember that if you do not increase the wattage gradually there is an increased chance that you will burn out the new coils.
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