E-Juice Safety Tips You Need To Know

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The electronic cigarette was made to be an alternative for tobacco by cutting out the harmful contaminants in regular tobacco. It aims to stop or reduce users from smoking. However, if not used properly, it can present certain dangers.
Here are some tips to keep in mind for a safer use of your vape:
Vape away from people
Just like tobacco smoke, it's best not to vape in public places as the vapor from an ecig can cause offence. You may have made your own mind up that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking but not everybody will share the same views The vapour from an e-cigarette can still cause irritation so be courteous and exhale away from people.
Keep your e-liquid safe
Most e-juice is flavoured and can present a sweet taste when it is in a bottle which children and pets can be attracted to. It's best to store it where they cannot see and reach it as e-juice can cause danger when ingested.
When carrying your eliquid in a bag or pocket it’s a good idea to put it in a carry case or within a sealed plastic bag.
Avoid contact on your skin
If you get e-juice on your skin whilst re-filling, wash it off immediately as it contains certain ingredients which may cause irritation. Nicotine is definitely a substance that must be regarded with caution as in high doses it can be fatal.
Fortunately the industry is now regulated and the maximum nicotine strength has been restricted to 2% (20mg). This law was brought about to ensure that people are not exposed to dangerously high concentrations of nicotine.
If you are curious about making your own liquid (DIY) then we would always recommend that you use a premixed nicotine solution from a reputable supplier and wear suitable protective clothing/equipment.
E-Cigilicious can supply unflavoured nicotine solutions for this purpose as well as separate components such as VG, PG, flavour concentrates and DIY accessories.

Seek advice on nicotine content
Vaping can be addictive and most vapers start on a higher nicotine concentration depending on their tolerance. Whilst it is important to start on the correct strength so that it quashes those nicotine cravings at the same time you don’t want to take in too much. If you feel that your heart is palpitating in your chest or you're feeling light-headed and a bit queasy then this can be symptomatic of ingesting too much nicotine. This could mean you are either overusing it or the strength you are using is too high.
There are a number of ways that can help you find the right balance from choosing the right device through to selecting the correct type of eliquid that would be more compatible to your device.
Choose a good quality e-juice
With so many different eliquid brands on the market it can make it very confusing especially for beginners. We all like to get more bang for our buck but the quality of your eliquid should not be something you compromise for reasons of cost savings.
Switching to e-cigarettes is a big step. If you have made that step then you are already looking at it with a view to cutting out the harmful effects of regular tobacco so it's important to buy a device and juice that are guaranteed to be safe through an established and reliable source.

E-cigilicious is proud to offer the highest quality personal vaping solutions at competitive prices. With thousands of loyal customers, we guarantee to provide an enjoyable experience of such a life-changing decision. Our E-Cigilicious team are always on hand and would welcome your enquiries. Call us today through 0117 3179 389 or 029 2039 9886.

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